About Counselling

Welcome to Charlotte Smith Counselling, a service offering counselling to individuals in the Forest Hill/Dulwich areas of South East London.

About counselling

Counselling provides individuals with a confidential and supportive space where they can seek to find answers to the problems in their lives. With the help of a fully trained counsellor, individuals can review their current or past circumstances and relationships and decide how they can achieve positive change. Counselling can assist you to create goals for the future, or merely help you reflect and make sense of events that have occurred in the past.

Counselling can help to alleviate a range of psychological issues including:

Anxiety and panic attacks


Obsessive compulsive disorder

Eating disorders

Relationship and sexual difficulties



Personal identity issues

Low self confidence

How does counselling work?

Counselling usually takes place on a weekly basis with most individuals having one meeting with their counsellor at the same time on the same day. Once individuals have made initial contact with the service, they will be offered an assessment appointment where they can discuss what they would like to achieve from therapy and whether they wish to proceed. Depending on an individual’s needs, counselling can be long or short term. Some people feel that six sessions can greatly assist them to make significant progress on troubling issues, whereas others may require longer. Sessions last 50 minutes and are confidential.